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magic number

“El, do you like this photo?”

” I would if it wasn’t for the clutter on the table”


Yesterday, the 19 February, El turned 19th. A baby in the family was also born – little Sasha from uncle Martin. So on all of the days of the year she chose to arrive on her cousin’s birthday and on his 19th Birthday!  Granny was over the moon –  and 19 has been always her lucky number.

How El’s character celebrates his birthday, in a short film he made with friends – number thirteen


meal for seven

With a bit of coaching , they went shopping for the ingredients and cooked for all the family.

Ironically this pair is made of a vegetarian tennager who does not want to learn to cook  and a pre-tennager who claims wants to be a chef when he grows up! 

They moaned, refused, went along, enjoyed each other company, realised that actually is not that hard work and felt proud.

haiti…caetano veloso and gilberto gil

el’s brighton









picking up El from Brighton , being an invasion in his house and heading to the beach before returning home

Tour of Brighton by Tuc Tuc

young 18

Copy of DSC_0022_e_r


El is Dan’s eldest son. He plays the drums and guitar, and writes songs. Last weekend he had a break from studying for his A levels  to perform with his band in several gigs (he is the drummer, like his daddy). 

he made a collaboration with toddler sister Dubie, ‘Bright Soup’

and here is one of his first songs, ‘Ragged Son’