baby request

“Mum, can I have a baby brother? We can put nappies on him and dress him pyjamas. Will you give him to me for my birthday? or, tomorrow?”


Today I was the person demonstrating cloth nappies to a very nice group of parents at Kintore Way Children’s Centre – such a fantastic place. While I was talking, the children  were playing with very good toys and the mums, well, the mums were knitting! – such a nice idea, it is the first children’s center/toddler group, where I saw mums busy and enjoying knitting, while watching their children. And at mid-moorning, they set up this cute low table with low chairs and serve the children some nice light food. The children were so grateful for these actions towards them. And it struck me that this was so nice, because the centre is located in a poor neighbourhood for not so well of parents (although it is for everyone) so these children who probably live on a council estate  at least they have somewhere nice to be for some hours a day, or some hours a week! and it is an escape to the mums, who were enjoying each others company! I must say I overstayed my welcome, and I not even wanted to demonstrate anything, I just wanted to chat, until the manager said to me “do you know any nappy song?  because at this time we usually sing a song!” – right, time to go and leave them to be!

Definitely, children’s centres like this one in all poor neighbourhoods in the world would make a difference. The government is sure and I am sure  – because “every child matters”!

(“every child matters” is a green paper which was published alongside the formal response to the report into the death of Victoria Climbié)

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