tidying the untidy



Some spots of this house are very untidy. Places where everybody dumps everything. The chest of drawers are for toys, books, remotes, shop receipts and other pocket paraphernalia. The kitchen table is for the post, newspapers (which I really would love to read),  free supermarket magazines with what seem yummy recipes, children’s books,  and school letters. The fridge door is with letters for hospital appointments, as if I couldn’t think of a better place for them. This disarray from time to time disappears, only to reappear straight after.

I have mastered to not step on toys left on the floor. While before I would tidy them into their respective places, now I just put them up on chairs, benches, tables, or whatever available surface that is not the floor.  Before I would also make everything disappear before visitors would turn up – but now we just celebrate that we are in child territory.


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