half term




England is on half-term. Schools are closed and some have reasons to celebrate it. The nearby grammar school paraded their party costumes along our street. I think the two tier-system of the cleverer students going to grammar schools and leaving the other children feeling like failures is completly wrong. This selective process happens with children of only 11 years old, who have just finished primary school. So much debate has been going about the abolishment of grammar schools in England but is a struggle even for the main political parties, for both labour and conservatives. As a parent I would like for a system where clever and less clever mix together to learn with each other and respect each other’s abilities.

2 responses to “half term

  1. There is a debate in separating students in Sweden as well. In upper secondary school thery are testing “elit classes” now, but not in compulsory school, yet. I agree with you, I think clever and less clever should mix.

  2. I agree, My mother in law grew up in Banbury and when she and her chums get together they still joke about it, it is like a mark for life. On the brighter side I can’t imagine any place more beautiful than England, like walking into a fairytale. My husband and I spent time there after graduating from art school and would absolutely live there if our families weren’t here.
    The golden fields of tar-seed rape, blue flax and all of the follies, such wonderful memories. So happy to find you, I’ll be back(:

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